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Dr. Sheila L. Johnson returns with her incredible single track “Freedom”- an enigmatic upbeat church

Philadelphia, PA. (Sep 26, 2018) - The diverse musical Gospel artist, Dr. Sheila L. Johnson affectionately known as “Dr. Sheila” is back again with her new single “Freedom”, which is the latest Church track to resonate from the music warehouse of Enon Music Group. “Freedom” reached the Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart at the 9th position.

The gospel singer shared the tweet from Chronicles Christian Radio on 22nd August announcing the release of the single on Twitter with the inscription, “Freedom is yours when you have Jesus”. The newly released single track “Freedom” has become a crowd favorite in a matter of days. Sung by “Dr. Sheila” herself, this foot tapping, hand clapping track is the 8th recording of her musical career, and has already started winning the hearts of music lovers all over the world.

“Dr. Sheila” has sold out venues throughout the United States, West Indies, Mexico, and Italy during tours. Her work has also appeared in the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) Mass Choir Songbook, The Hampton Ministers’ Conference Songbook and presented at the National Baptist Convention USA Inc. annual session.

“Dr. Sheila” has journeyed miles from being a college professor to a sensational gospel artist. Since her debut, she has successfully released seven recording projects including landmark hits, like “First Day of the Week” and “Jesus the Problem Solver” in hot gospel singles history.

The multi-talented woman of God is a distinguished recording artist, preacher, grants professional, an educator. Apart from these big accomplishments, she is also the CEO of LaBlanche Enterprises Inc., which provides various services for artist management, promotions, music publishing, recording productions, marketing, and music consulting via music workshops, church consultations, and convention speakers.

The native artist from Dayton, Ohio is renowned for the production of feel-good church music in diverse gospel genres. After captivating audiences across regions as a singer, songwriter, and arranger of multi-style music, “Dr. Sheila” has become a maverick in the Christian gospel music world.

Freedom is available now on all digital outlets!

To know more about Dr. Sheila L. Johnson, please see contact below:

Twitter: @DrSheilaJohnson Email:


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