Sonny Cole AKA Panama Scarrett (Songwriter/Producer)Raggs Gustaffe Releases New Single

October 11, 2018

Featured Song: Goodbye (* Voted #1 on the Trend City Top 40 Show)
Artist: Raggs Gustaffe
Record Label: 100ProofInc


Life in essence...long or short, is a journey and "Good Friends Are Better Than Pocket Money" - Old time Jamaican saying.

These songs on this EP Pocket Money, reflect and represent the core of all the friendships along the way, through trials and tribulations..and yes...Triumphs too.
Raggs Gustaffe (Singer/Songwriter/Drummer) cut his teeth singing in a Gospel Choir. R. Sonny Cole AKA Panama Scarrett (Songwriter/Producer) was inspired by the beautiful sounds every morning of The Jamaican Skatalite great Raymond Harper blowing his trumpet across the gully. Dylan Hughes (Singer/Bassist/Studio Engineer) The Bass Fiend is a master of his Art.

A luta continua (The struggle continues)

Pocket Money the EP can be found here:

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