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Adam Sobiech Ft. Taxigirl – Always (Intonenation) TRANCE

Trance powerhouse Adam Sobiech releases his brand new track ”Always” through Intonenation Records, featuring the unmistakable vocal styling of mysterious dance vocalist Taxigirl.
Leading off with an insistent groove “Always” picks up quickly with a subtle vocal riff building over layers of muted plucks and emerging textures before plunging into a deep atmospheric breakdown. Vocal layers rise up as the breakdown grows and muted synths bring new melodies towards an inevitable build.

When the drop hits, the full weight of the vocal melody combines with layers of high energy synth and drums. The floor drops away and room lifts with excitement and a unique intensity. Moments like this don’t happen to often and as the track reaches the plateau of the outro it’s clear that we just went somewhere that we don’t often get to go to.

Written and composed by Adam Sobiech & J.Brieden Produced & mixed by Adam Sobiech & Taxigirl Mastered by LOLA Mastering, Los Angeles

Published by Taxigirl Music ISRC code – USX741800011 ISRC code – USX741800012 Catalog Number - ITNR 1811 & 1812

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