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P.S. November - Screams Of My Heart (single)

P.S. November is a singer-songwriter living in the midwestern United States (and currently a college student majoring in Japanese). He has been playing piano, making music, and singing ever since he was a little kid. His songs are inspired by his experiences with relationships and heartache; others communicate messages of depression and nostalgia. Now it is time for the world to hear his musical talent! About debut single Screams Of My Heart: "'Screams of My Heart' is a ballad to a woman who I thought was the one for me. Although our relationship did not work out in the end, it led to so much inspiration for a lot of my music. Both of our hearts ended up broken, and we each played a role in creating the misery. This song is only showing the suffering from my perspective, I’m sure her story would sound different." Be amazed by P.S. November's soulful and dramatic debut, there's lots more to come from him this year! Screams Of My Heart is released this week and available for purchase/streaming on all known digital platforms

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