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Grungy St. Louis Indy Rock Band Turbo Widget Brings on Session Musicians From Across the World Using Fiverr

April 8, 2019

Husband & wife band Turbo Widget isn't afraid to innovate, using Fiverr to bring on additional musicians from across the globe to round out songs.

It's really wonderful to see the ability to socially connect online in a way that doesn't just help electronic projects or rap projects collaborate, but quirky rock bands like ours too.”

— Kim Hanvy, Turbo Widget



ST. LOUIS, MO, USA, April 6, 2019 -- When the independent free-thinking St. Louis alt-rock band are discussed by fans and music critics alike one of the compliments paid most often, is their willingness to draw from the best elements of rock and psychedelia's past while still moving forward into new areas without a moment's hesitation.


What few may realize and what Ben & Kim Hanvy, the husband and wife who are the main force behind Turbo Widget, recently discussed, is their willingness to tap into fairly recent technological/social development's to help their project's vision more fully come to life. This includes hiring guest musicians on the freelancer online platform Fiverr to contribute parts of songs playing instruments Ben or Kim have yet to conquer on their own. The end result has been a huge win, with the band becoming more popular all the time. They are currently three months deep into releasing a new single and video a month, with the next to debut titled, “My Sunlight”, showcasing the duo's powerful energy.




“Fiverr has been an amazing way to flesh out songs where we want a certain instrument included and we can't play it ourselves and there's no one close to us to bring on board and get it done,” commented Kim. “Using Fiverr in this way has been close to headache free. It's really wonderful to see the ability to socially connect online in a way that doesn't just help electronic projects or rap project collaborate but quirky rock bands like ours too.”

Some highlights of artists who have successfully contributed to “My Sunlight” include a ukulele player from Canada and a Fender Rhodes player from Ukraine. In addition a guitarist from Finland, violinist from Venezuela and a Pianist from Pakistan. Expect more to be added to the list in the very near future.


To learn more about Turbo Widget be sure to visit http://www.turbowidget.com.


Ben and Kim Hanvy
Turbo Widget
+1 636-795-5707


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