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New release: Charmless i - Cold Queen Killer (single)

Charmless i having a blast

It’s hard to grasp: here we already have the 7th single of the band Charmless i within just ten months time. Incredible how productive these guys are. The journey of the band so far has led through a string of number 1 singles in several relevant Dutch Indie Charts. This also triggered a lot of (international) attention on social media. Now get ready for the band’s freshest offspring: here is the inflammatory and short power explosion called Cold Queen Killer, taken from their upcoming second EP. One can once again enjoy the analogue Korg synth bass combined with the pulsating sound of an organically whacked Precision Bass. The catchy layered guitar riffs emphasize the band’s signature sound. And the unmistakable delivery of the front man’s vocals seems to be able to provoke outrageous public riotting. He almost manages to encourage you to instantly pull the paving stones out of the street and to throw them into the first window shop you can find. And all of that within 2 minutes and 23 seconds. However, make no mistake. This is a typical matter of an apparent artistic twist. For lyrically this song is about having a fetish for mentally as well as physically strong women, who successfully dismantle natural male urges. No way the man is allowed to go out and about to booze and riot. He must stay home and obey. This is a rarely encountered sign of respect for women in the present spirit of times, especially in the music industry. This in fact proves Cold Queen Killer to be a huge social statement. All of this might lead one to conclude that Charmless i's songwriter is pretty much under the thumb of his spouse and translated his mental issues in nevertheless interesting lyrics. By now this is however nothing more than a hypothesis. About the production process of upcoming EP ‘Next Level’: all string instruments were recorded at the front man’s kitchen table, the electronics and vocals were done in the attic of his home and the drums were recorded in Studio GieSound in the Dutch city of Zwolle. In the very same studio Guido Aalbers went loose and applied his renown ‘mixing madness’ on the track. Mastering was done by Andy Vendette in New York.

So this story is to be continued! After the intended third EP later in 2019, Charmless i plan to consolidate all 12 by then released tracks on an exclusive limited edition vinyl record.Cold Queen Killer is released on BERT music (a division of TCBYML), and available for purchase/streaming on all known digital platforms

tracks on an exclusive limited edition vinyl record.

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