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Earth Wind & Fire - Fantasy 1977 Funky Purrfection Version (Classic)

PURRFECTION CLASSIC - "I have decided that "Fantasy" is my channel's theme song. The vibe, the words and the fabulous voice of Philip Bailey so embody what I am doing here. I fell in love with Earth, Wind & Fire's "Fantasy" during the winter side of spring in 1978. Lots of sunny days with bitter cold and white, white snow....and this on the radio driving to work and high school. A breathtaking anthem of love and positivity that was way too short, I loved the 12" version which was longer but it still was not long enough. Some years ago, I was attempting to remix this one and found The DJ Shelter remix that positively blew my mind with his artful touches exposing long instrumental and vocal parts and I immediately nixed my project and let it go. I mean, who could top that? But then, Eddie Gordon inspired me to do this remix with a story that Maurice White told him about "Fantasy" over dinner one night." EG "I had a one to one dinner with Maurice White in 1991 at Mr Chows in Knightsbridge London. He was contemplating moving record company at the time so we were discussing the merits of Polygram (now Universal).

Being an avid listener of E W & F's albums since my teenage years I was able talk to Maurice quite passionately about his music and one thing I wanted to know was his inspiration behind the song "Fantasy". He smiled and told me that he had taken the night off from the studio to take his girlfriend to see the opening

of a movie called "Close Encounters Of A Third Kind", directed by Steven Spielberg, whose previous movie was "Jaws". So anticipation was high..

At the end of the movie Maurice was so charged with an idea that he drove straight to his studio and wrote "Fantasy". There are five tones on the Close Encounters movie used to communicate with the Alien craft. The main rhythmic/melody hook on "Fantasy" is also five notes. You can clearly hear the riff that was swirling around in Maurice's mind." Forty two years later DJ DiscoCat purrfectly puts the two inspirational elements together as a magnificent tribute to one of the most loved recordings of all time. Enjoy.

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