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Indie Rock Duo Turbo Widget Surprises With New Alt-Country Influenced Single “Simple”

"Simple" proves to fans that the duo's creativity has not been compromised by releasing a new single every month in 2019.

We are very happy about 'Simple'; it came together like it was a song we were totally destined to create.” — Kim Hanvy, Turbo Widget ST. LOUIS, MO, USA, June 4, 2019 --

No one can ever accuse husband and wife centred St. Louis, Missouri, Indie-Rock band Turdo Widget of boxing themselves into a corner, when it comes to songwriting.

Just about at the mid-point of a special drive to release a new single a year for a whole year some of the songs have certainly had their signature grungy Indie-Rock sound but other have explored whole different and sometimes surprising directions. With the recent release of their latest single “Simple”, the Indie-Rock is there but layered across both in the vocal style and even in the lyrics in an unmistakable country or alt-country influence. The beauty of “Simple” is this comes off as completely natural and organic helping truly add to the emotional nature of the song itself while showing another side of the multifaceted couple's ability.

“We are very happy about "Simple"; it came together like it was a song we were totally destined to create,” commented Kim from the band. “And Ben's vocals are just amazing and made the whole song really a highlight of our catalogue of work so far.”

While Turbo Widget is Ben and Kim Hanvy, on much of their work they bring in session musicians often having them contribute online making the most of technology to get the feel and tone they are looking for just right. All while never compromising the two of their chemistry which is what many credit Turbo Widget for in the indie-music media, in reviews of their singles, and on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, a professional candid video for “Simple” will also been released on June 14.

Suspense builds as we all wait to see what next month holds from the creative couple behind Turbo Widget.

For more information be sure to visit . Check them out on Spotify at, and stay part of the conversation and caught up-to-date with their new releases on Facebook and Instagram


Ben and Kim Hanvy Turbo Widget +1 636-795-5707

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