Frolicious Dance to Anything 15 June 2019

July 9, 2019



Artist: Frolicious
Song: Dance to Anything
Release Date : June 15, 2019
Dance, EDM, Dubstep, Nudisco 

This is a high energy dance track with a driving beat and multiple synthesizers.



About Frolicious


  Frolicious is an up-and-coming electronic music artist. Hailing from Chicago,  Frolicious has managed to electrify listeners around the globe with his music.  The  electronic music producer and performer aims to create music that has a lasting  impact with listeners, beyond the club or party. Frolicious seeks to pass on his positive  energy to the listener when he performs. Rather than DJ'ing, the Chicago artist  performs live with real instruments such as the drums, piano, and even singing. 


 Frolicious sets himself apart from other artists in the EDM field due to his live energetic  performances. Moreover, he does not follow a specific sub-genre in EDM which  enables him to be unique and versatile with his sound. Frolicious is an artist to watch  as his music is born from the heart, and has the ability to resonate with any electronic  music aficionado.   About The Release  Frolicious returns with a bass and synth heavy EDM single ‘Dance to Anything’. In this  track, Frolicious delivers a 4/4 dance floor anthem. ‘Dance to Anything’ features a  heavy bassline, rhythmic leads, punchy synths,

and a driving beat. Undoubtedly, the  track will get any listener grooving. Moreover, this track will work perfectly in any  scenario such as a club or a house party as it contains every element to be anthemic. 


 Frolicious manages to combine different elements of EDM and put them together  seamlessly in a unique arrangement. The track is already in over 12 playlists and it is  set to rock any dancefloor. ‘Dance to Anything’ is part of Frolicious ​latest album​ titled  the same, ‘Dance to Anything’.  




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