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Dress Code - Ride Tonight (DC Music) Pop Dance

Derek of Dress Code has definitely taken on the mantle of keeping the Prince vibe alive, fusing dance with synth and guitar riff melodies then adding Blade Runner-esq video footage to the track. Love the ingenuity of an artist blazing his own path.. "Ride Tonight" out on Dress Code Music now.. Dress Code returns in time with a Summer single, ‘Ride Tonight’ ’. The single combines EDM with some rock elements. The single starts off with the striped catchy melody. The listener is then introduced to the driving 4/4 beat with an infectious vocal performance. Undoubtedly, ‘Ride Tonight’ has the ability to resonate with EDM aficionados as the single contains every ‘feel good’ element and the anthemic melody. As the single progresses, the listener is introduced to the gritty electric guitar lead.

Dress Code delivers a single that brings elements from different genres into one danceable single.

Dress Code "Ride Tonight" single is available to stream and download here:

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