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Digital release: elba - Lonely Time (single)

Amsterdam based dance-, EDM, deep house, electro-pop producers duo elba released the single Lonely Time in 2010. This caused some confusion in their home country The Netherlands. Why? At that time one of them was working as a plugger and the other as a sales director of a major record company. While keeping it a secret that they are members of this project, the boys from elba asked some of their plugger-/radio promotions colleagues to promote this single.

The deception paid off and the single was picked up by the DJs of the two most important and best-listened-to programs on Dutch national radio.

After the single had been broadcast on radio for dozens of times, the DJs discovered - much to their surprise - that the people behind this project were acquaintances, That resulted in hilarious text messages

back and forth. Nevertheless the single continued to get airplay regularly on national radio. Lonely Time is now digitally remastered and released digitally for the first time. Lonely Time is released on BERT music Writer: Eelco Boonacker, Pieter. B.C. Bart Engel

ISRC: NL-EF9-08-00020

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