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Keeana Kee ft. Kid G - Open Arms - Music Seed (Tropical Vocal Pop)

"Keeana Kee has just given us another Latin-inspired single to dance to before the summer finally closes. "Open Arms", featuring rapper Kid G, is catchy and fun, but also passionate and even touching. Keeana’s style is sexy, energized, and a lot of fun to move to. She fuses hip hop and Latin styles that transport you to somewhere warm with romance in the air.

Keeana Kee sings about tender love and romantic passion like she knows what she’s talking about.

Keeana Kee, who dropped "You’re Real" last year, told AfterEllen about falling in love with a woman. The energy of new love carries over into this new single.

By Madeline Webster from AfterEllen.

Open Arms was produced by Arturo Cabrera Brambilla in Miami and it features rapper Kid G. The artwork was created by Fabio Napoleoni. The song is out now on Spotify, Apple & Beatport. Keeana Kee ft. Kid G - Open Arms (Original Mix 10A - 87 Tropical Vocal Pop.mp3 Keeana Kee ft. Kid G - Open Arms (Original Mix 10A - 87 Tropical Vocal Pop.wav Spotify: iTunes: Beatport:

Keeana Kee

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