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Indie Rock Duo Turbo Widget Release Emotional Single “Step By Step” Celebrating Member Kim’s 10-Years Sober

September 20, 2019


St. Louis husband & wife band Turbo Widget continues their creative music and honest heartfelt lyrics, tackling ongoing sobriety on "Step By Step." Sometimes I just had to focus on the next step moving forward being sober and now ten years later so many of our dreams are coming true.”— Kim Hanvy, Turbo Widget
ST. LOUIS, MO, USA, September 20, 2019 -- No honest listener could accuse rising St. Louis Indie Rock duo Turbo Widget of not delivering sometimes painfully honest songs, exploding with creativity.


Continuing on their single a month mission, the latest from Turbo Widget may be their most transparent yet, “Step By Step”. Driving forward with a more 70’s influenced sound and Ben’s very soulful vocals, “Step By Step” addresses a very special milestone in Kim’s life, her making it to, step by step, her tenth anniversary sober in Recovery.


The husband and wife songwriting team hope that the song helps inspire any who may need the encouragement facing the same kind of challenges – which can certainly be overcome, with the right attitude and support.


“All of our songs come from the heart but this is very special for us,” commented Kim about the new single. “Sometimes I just had to focus on the next step moving forward being sober and now ten years later so many of our dreams are coming true, which would have never been possible otherwise.”


Turbo Widget has been winning remarkable praise for their studio work, which is about as diverse as indie rock with significant influences from across the musical spectrum could be.

The “Step By Step” single is now available and the video for the song, also quite moving and (as always) very professionally done, was also just released.


For more on Turbo Widget be sure to visit http://www.turbowidget.com. Check them out on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/5UvIfeXtWH94zc5szQg7Xl, and stay part of the discussion and caught up-to-date with their future new releases and gig announcements on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/turbowidget/ and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/turbowidget/.

Ben and Kim Hanvy
Turbo Widget
+1 636-795-5707

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