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Ingrid Chavez Ignites On Alluring Snow-Blind Extended Mix

Fabled songwriter and Prince collaborator Ingrid Chavez ignites with Snow-Blind bewitching extended mix. Release Date 9/6/19 FCC Clean.

Ingrid Chavez is a famed poetess, songwriter, and performer, perhaps best known for her work with Prince, Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, David Sylvian, and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Across her three-decade career, Ingrid is known for continuously challenging herself and evolving her sound. She’s never let her creativity stand still, her latest effort Memories of Flying sounds fresh, vital and relevant in today’s music landscape. There is nothing else out there like it, and Ingrid remains a unique creative force.

Her new record Memories of Flying, which includes the alluring single Snow-Blind is receiving fantastic reviews and endorsements from both the music media and beloved international artists.

The extended mix can be found in the media scroll of this press kit.

This is a deep winter track. This vocal was written to a recording of Marco Valentin walking in the frozen snow. It created a rhythm that inspired this lyric and melody.

The bluesy style demo is just the walking track and me singing to it. We gave it to Mashti to put his brand of funk on it. – Ingrid Chavez

Ingrid is available for interviews. Her stories about her fabled, independent and trailblazing career are inspiring and entertaining. Even when the music industry machine was more robust than it is today, Ingrid always stood up for herself and refused to be made into disposable commodity. As a result, she has an incredible body of work built on years of passion and dedication.

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Contact Information

Radio and Media Relations Scott Herold –

International Management Michael Pearson (646) 648 1223

What Are People Saying About Ingrid Chavez?

The mutual inspiration is most clearly heard on songs like Prince’s sensual “I Wish U Heaven” and its sister work, Chavez’s “Heaven Must Be Near.” - 2016 Rolling Stone

She could be one of the top songwriters in America, truly and Memories of Flying is very much worth your time and attention. It’s tranquil. It’s relaxing. Intimate. Lush. Delicate. Sensual. And wise. It’s music that wants to heal you. – Richard Metzger Dangerous Minds

Ingrid Chavez is back for real. Memories of Flying finds her at her most visceral and self-assured. – Ken Scrudato BlackBook

Ingrid Chavez soars on Memories of Flying – T. Cole Rachel Band Camp Daily Great to see Ingrid Chavez back with a new album that manages to seamlessly traverse multiple styles whilst maintaining a truly cohesive and unique atmosphere! - Jonny Nash (Melody As Truth)

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