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New release: Lush Puppy - Sabotage Me (single)

Ominous new single from Lush Puppy

Wait, what? This is Lush Puppy too? It sure is! Genre-defying Lush Puppy just might be the next best thing coming from The Netherlands. After stomper 'Wear Me Out' and lighthearted single 'Ms. Grey', Lush Puppy now channel their gloomy side on ominous new single Sabotage Me.

For fans of: Fever Ray, Zola Jesus, Chelsea Wolfe

Sabotage Me

This will be the darkest Waltz you'll ever hear...

Did you ever have a “lover”? A “lover” that lied to you, who took your heart, chewed on it and spat it out? A “lover” that broke your spirit? And then, when you finally meet someone who is perfect and gives you everything you could ever dream of, you still long for the pain and torture of all the assholes. Simply because that is what you know. Well, that’s what this song is about.

Lush Puppy A drunkard; A variation on "booze-hound" She says she doesn't need to drink to have fun, but we all know she's a real lush puppy. source: Urban dictionary

What happens if you put an audiotist and a pie-loving hazard to society together? Well, you get a Lush Puppy. What is Lush Puppy you ask? It's a mix between electronica, kickass beats, punk guitar riffs and a vocalist who raps like a little demon and sings like an angel. Highly contradictory but ain't that when the real flavors come out? Forget the served on a platter, the manners. Just take it in.

Electronic poppy madness music duo Lush Puppy are vocalist, artist and stylist Roos Ooteman and Gabriel Vezzola a.k.a. DJ Gabriel. Roos (pronounced: Rose) studied at the Rock Academy Tilburg in The Netherlands and takes inspiration from Bat for Lashes to the Spice Girls.

Italian-born Gabriel is well known in the EDM music scene from DJ duo Gabriel & Castellon, who collaborated with Sam Feldt, Robin S and Todd Terry a.o. Lush Puppy seems far beyond his comfort zone but it's actually where he and Roos both feel they can strut their stuff!

Sabotage Me is released on BERT music (a division of TCBYML)

writer: Gabriel Vezzola, Roos Ooteman / ISRC: NL-TH1-19-00092

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