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Tyler Burns - Penge ALBUM (80s Synth Pop- Vocal Pop)

Portland (USA) songwriter Tyler Burns releases his sophomore LP, PENGE, a synthpop concept-album about a vampire slayer caged in the dungeons of a haunted castle. A connoisseur of jangle-pop and all things rock n’ roll, Burns nonetheless banned the use of guitars on the album, focusing instead on programming synthesizers, drum machines, and 8-bit samplers from the 1980s.

The album was recorded and mixed on analog tape and no experimentation was spared in consummating a high-fidelity recording. PENGE sounds like a crossbreed of Madonna’s debut LP and Depeche Mode’s BLACK CELEBRATION, but the lyrics are entirely new: poetic depictions of the battle between good and evil in the 21st Century.

Five songs to warm your ears are "American Is My Favorite Language", "Four Leaf Clover", "Secrets on the Radio", "I Heard the Rumor" and the video feature "Feastwine" with its wonderful rhodes melodies, reminding one of Spandau Ballet at the best. There's a cool cover of the New Order song, "Touched By the Hand Of God" around online too. Bravo Tyler Burns.

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