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Indie Veterans Emerge Despite Singer Being Poached by Top West End Sho

Artist: Jody & The Jerms

Title: Never Going Home

Release: Single out now

F.F.O: Kirsty MacColl; Yazoo

Already enjoying primetime play on major radio stations across Europe, Jody and the Jerms single, Never Going Home, signals a welcome return to some stalwarts of the UK indie scene. Having survived losing their singer to a top West End production at the last minute, they have emerged even stronger, NeverGoing Home being a taster of the forthcoming EP, due on 18th November, Previously playing in bands who have received BBC Radio 2 plays, played major festivals and played alongside the likes of Radiohead and

Supergrass, guitarist Liam Jeger and drummer Alex Bridge have hooked up with newcomer Jody on vocals to reinvent themselves as a band who are happy to ignore trends and play the music that excites them.

Listen to Never Going Home here:

Previously achieving success with The Anydays, Jody and the Jerms pick up the indie baton and look to power-pop, new wave and classic indie to light their path, with chiming guitars, 80’s Juno synth waves and Jody’s swooningly wide-eyed vocals. Never Going Home was originally recorded in 1991 by the rarely-remembered New York shoe-gazers, The Belltower but Jody and the Jerms transform this plaintive rendition into a poppier, though no less pertinent, meditation on the futility of trying to relive Christmas’s past. The overpowering nostalgic urge to recapture childhood yesterdays as the protagonists are found to have changed beyond recognition, shattering the dream, is something all of us, no matter how we’d love to pretend otherwise, will understand.

Never Going Home is already receiving significant play on one of Spain’s largest radio stations, RTVE, with

Jody and the Jerms looking to announce their first 2020 live dates in the very near future.




For more information, please contact or call 01223 844 440