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Hot Sprockets Frontman Transcends Into Midnight Wayne Tackling Big Subjects On A Solo 5-Track EP Of

"Inspired by seemingly dark subject matter, this is uplifting Pop with a gorgeous energy " Hot Press Midnight Wayne ​AKA Wayne Soper from Ireland’s previously beloved Rock & Blues outfit ​The Hot Sprockets ​is releasing his​ 5-track solo EP ‘Transcend’​ on ​12th November 2019​. Since the band’s split in 2018, the frontman has been experimenting in his home studio, tackling big issues on dreamy soundscapes.

Leading with first track ​Stars ​ the multi-instrumentalist has penned an ode to his time spent in The Hot Sprockets, a band who made their mark on the Irish and UK music scene, played ​Glastonbury​ and won numerous sync deals for huge brands such as ​Audi, Heineken​ and ​RTE Sports​.

The track hears Midnight Wayne ‘talking tough’ and tackling issues of guilt he faced when splitting up his band of 12 years. A dreamy ​Donny Osmond ​style vocal guides us through new experimentations with ​R’n’B and Alt-Pop​. The soothing collision of genres presents a the birth of Midnight Wayne. Second track ​World to Keep Me Under ​ hears Midnight Wayne pay homage to that someone who acts as a pillar of reinforcement in tough times. Leading us through a lullaby of drum machines, reverb and swaying vocal lines, Midnight Wayne creates a safe space to absorb.

Third track and previously released ​Someone Like You ​ forms a psychedelic cocoon of star gazing melodies and deals with finding mentors and growing positive again. Fourth, title track ​Transcend ​ hears Midnight Wayne open up about his experience with depression, following a deep struggle with mental health after the break-up of The Hot Sprockets. Questioning whether he will transcend with or without medication, the track is an example of Midnight Wayne’s ability to tackle deep subject matter via this unique brand of astral Pop. Fifth and final closing track ​Pieces Of Me ​ details Midnight Wayne’s experience of becoming a father for the first time.

Optimistic yet heartbreaking, the track showcases raw emotion and genuine love.

Performed and produced by Midnight Wayne in his home studio, the EP was also mixed in Dublin by ​Alex Borwick​ and mastered by ​Pete Maher in London​. Citing unusually fresh influences such as ​Anna of The North, Sigrid, Post Malone, Ariel Pink and Travis Scott ​as gateways into his new found style, Midnight Wayne is at the beginning of something weird and wonderful. Transcend ​ is available on​ Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes​ and all other major streaming outlets on ​November 12th,​ marking the transition of the new moon. Press enquiries: ​

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