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Lágrimas de Sangre or LDS (Tears of Blood) - is one of the most famous Spanish bands. Although generally catalogued as hip hop, their music is strongly influenced by rock and reggae, and performs on stage with live instruments, making the live show a truly engaging experience for the fans.They are a politically engaged band, often singing about social commentary, but also have a lighter side with several party anthems and “feel-good” music. “Quemar el mar”, taken from their latest album “Vertigo”, is one of those “feel-good” songs – it’s about enjoying life with your closest friends.

The secret to their success has been combining their political message (to which young people in Spain really relate to) with an explosive live show - on stage, the group has 5 members: 3 MC’s, 1 DJ/producer and 1 guitarist. Their past releases have racked up millions of views on Spotify, and after taking over the Iberian peninsula with their last album, they are ready to attack the european market.

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