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Selestial Alcoser - Not Enough Time (Klubjumpers Remix) Future Pop

From Selestial "My song, "Not Enough Time", was written in dedication to a loved one, who passed away unexpectedly. I wanted to encapsulate the feeling of initial hurt, the shock, the understanding and the love that surrounds human loss.

The more I listened the more it became a life lesson to truly appreciate small moments, just like you would major milestones. How time stops for nothing. I hope as a listener you’re able to connect this song to your personal life, live in the moment and don’t leave anything left unsaid."

Eddie Gordon - Selest has poured her pain and sense of loss, as a young artist, into her beautifully song "not enough time to dance again, not enough time to laugh again, not enough time to feel you close". Powerful sentiments that we all can relate to personally. I sense the emergence of a real artist with this girl from Texas, the way she transposes her emotions into melody and words.

Nice that the Klubjumpers have kept the sense of feeling in their mix too.


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