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Donna Summer Purrfection Megamix (Donna Summer New Years Eve Birthday Mix)

"Donna Summer was born December 31, 1948 New Year's Eve. A five time Grammy Award winner, she was the first artist ever to have three consecutive double albums reach #1 on the Billboard Albums Chart. She has a total of 42 hit singles on the Hot 100, 14 reaching Top 10 and three #1 pop singles.

DJ DiscoCat on Apple Music DJ DiscoCat's New Year's Eve Party Music Marathon on SiriusXM

She remained a force on the disco charts from 1975 to 2000, where she earned 19 #1 hits, 1 #2 hit and six #3 hits spending a total of 52 weeks at #1. Interestingly enough her 19th #1 on the dance chart was in 2018, a remixed version of "Hot Stuff". Cool, eh?

A posthumous #1. I had put a clip of the original "Hot Stuff" between MacArthur Park and Enough Is Enough and guess what? "Hot Stuff" blocked the entire video.So I had to re-edit and take it out.

My friend Eddie Gordon who champions me on his Kings Of Spins website of worldwide dance music asked me for a megamix of Donna for her birthday this New Years Eve. Man, this one is a trip, it's not every song, but ones I felt that were important of how she kept the public's ear tantalized. That site has the entire megamix available to dj's only. I did not want to MUTE the video track for the 60 second clip that I used here and cut the silence out. It's a little choppy but you'll get the idea. Anyway, I dedicate this to him and his kind, respectful dedication. HAPPY NEW YEAR ED!

Donna is the undisputed Queen of Disco, helping to usher in and conquer the disco era with her experiments and as one third of the production team with Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte who managed to change the course of pop music with iconic singles like "Love To Love You Baby" and "I Feel Love". While she proved to be a versatile artist experimenting with rock after "Bad Girls", she tried every interesting producer until she guested on Giorgio Moroder's "Carry On" in 1994.

Her disco hit machine came to a grinding halt when PolyGram records shelved the release "I'm A Rainbow" on the advice of David Geffen. It finally saw the light of day in 1996 and was the last collaboration of that classic trio.

In 1983, MTV was still notoriously white but Donna helped to break down that wall with her heavy rotation video of "She Works Hard For The Money" becoming the first African American female artist to gain that recognition. Michael Jackson was the first African American ever

to do that.

2004 saw her inducted into the Dance Music Hall Of Fame as an artist, and also for "I Feel Love". This megamix contains songs from just about every stage of her career, from 1975 to 2018. "Hot Stuff" was included but copyright holders blocked the entire megamix, so i have reluctantly excised it from the mix. I have sequenced them by release date and ended up with over a half hour of Donna's music. That is nearly forty five years of Donna. She would have been 72 this December 31st. Long live the Queen of Disco."

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