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February 4, 2020

DJ/Producer supergroup from London & Dublin. These guys met whilst out spending time in Ibiza @ The Dance Village Retreat and have just connected.


They bring new life into the EDM scene and bring a truly magical energy to any venue. Together as a DJ duo with Priest J on the

Decks and G.O.B on the microphone, they have started to make many crowds across the globe dance without a worry in the world.
Priest J with his monthly residency for the LSA @ Ministry of Sound London has given them a great platform to test run their new sound to large crowds.
EP:1 - Their 1st official release. The EP has already been given the thumbs up by many top DJ’s and I am sure many will soon follow with the official release.
3 of the tracks are very much geared towards the EDM / Main Stage crowd, whilst Breaking Free has a more of a Big Room/Trance sound to it. A real feel good track, with your hands up!

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