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Future Fires of the Indie Apocalypse!

Having honed their craft for a decade, Birmingham’s Future Fires is the self-styled sound of the apocalypse– urgent, addictive and darkly brooding, they combine the best of modern British indie-rock to soundtrack a planet at the very brink of existence.

Their forthcoming single, Halfway Down, is a thrilling combination of furious guitars, a stinging percussive attack and driving vocals, the perfect introduction to the twisted world of Future Fires.

Comprising Adam (vocals); Matt (bass); Jak (second guitar) and Alex (drums), Future Fires are based in Birmingham, England, brought together by their love for loud and lively Rock and Roll music, big nights out and a strong desire to share this with their fans.

Spotify: down?

Following the success of their previous single, Infinite Life, the band have now teamed up with top producer Gavin Monaghan from Magic Garden Studios, previously known for his work with Editors,TheTwang and Gold Blade,reinforcing their gritty, burning sound which provides the backdrop for their true-to-life tales of relationships in the modern age. Named after a vision of a post-apocalyptic Earth, Future Fires bring together the elements of Joy Division, Editors and Oasis into an irresistibly addictive sonic whirlpool.

See Future Fires Recording Halfway Down here:

Halfway Down is the second single to be taken from Future Fire’s debut EP, expected at Christmas 2020. If Future Fires is the music you hear while the Earth is burning, bring it on!

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