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Behind The Sunset - Change (Intonenation Axiom) Trance

Behind the Sunset are as mysterious as their name suggests. The reclusive Polish duo has been flying just under the radar of mainstream dance since their last release Actus Secondus. That, however, is about to "Change".

Dropping their first single on JES’s new Intonenation Axiom imprint, BTS has conjured up a magnificent slice of emo based trance that won’t be able to avoid shattering their formerly peaceful existence.

Combining a quasi androgynous vocal hook with a sea of deep synths, breakbeats, and 303’s, "Change" brings together a host of clublands favorite styles into one dance floor leveling tornado. Sounding like the perfect collaboration between Above and Beyond,

Fatboy Slim, and Underworld, "Change" is set to bring truth and authenticity right into a decade that needs it so very badly. All at once, emotional and epic, personal and expansive, Behind The Sunset have ripped a hole in the fabric of the club scene, a hole that might just lead to somewhere new, somewhere better.

Get Behind The Sunset now, and make the "Change".


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