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Monkey Marc feat. Fyah Roiall - Willy Lynch

Monkey Marc is a producer’s producer; staunchly independent and probably Australian electronic music’s best-kept secret. His music channels the spirit of punk, original dubstep, Public Enemy, modern beats and electronic culture, and the heaviest of Jamaican riddims all at once.” – VICE

Today we are pleased to present Willy Lynch, the latest single from Monkey Marc and collaboration with Jamaican grimehall & hip hop artist Fyah Roiall. The single marks the next taster from Monkey Marc’s upcoming album “Vital Sound.”

Written and recorded between Australia and Jamaica, the song was the first collaboration between Monkey Marc and Roiall and the start of an exciting partnership. Monkey Marc says, “Willy Lynch is a tough hip hop - reggae crossover, with an addictive bassline reminiscent of classic UK hip hop. As soon as I heard Roiall’s music for the first time, I knew this track would be perfect for him. Roiall is a unique Jamaican artist with potent lyrics and a fresh new take on hip hop from a Jamaican perspective.”

Taken from his upcoming album release Vital Sound due for release in 2020, Willy Lynch is a political hip hop track and a celebration of Jamaican youth rising above the colonial legacy. Monkey Marc says, ‘The track calls out Willy Lynch, an 18th century slave owner who purportedly gave an infamous speech about how to break the spirit of slaves. Roiall is calling for the youth of today to be smarter than Willy Lynch – to educate themselves, be proud of who they are, and not succumb to social and mental oppression”.

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