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Breakout single by Alexander Pielsticker

Breakout single by Alexander Pielsticker Hailing from Germany and currently living in The Netherlands, 22 year old Alexander Pielsticker is studying both Composition For Film & Theater and Piano (Jazz & Pop) at the ArtEZ Arnhem University of the Arts. Playing the piano by heart from the age of five and composing music since the age of 16, Alexander is now working as a music producer, composer and pianist. Specializing in EDM, he already gained a reputation thus far with 500,000 Spotify streams under his belt. His previous singles "I Can't Do It Again", "Like Stars" and "2 Seconds 2 Love" got airplay in the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and Norway a.o.

New single A Way To Break Through has all the ingredients for a real summer EDM pop banger: dance beats, female vocals, melodic rap, timed breaks and extremely catchy synth hooks! Alexander Pielsticker about new single A Way To Break Through: "While listening to some good old 80s music at night I started to jam on my piano a bit. After some time I kept getting stuck on a chord (Bmaj7), a semitone above the tonic of the piece. That was fascinating in terms of sound. Around this chord I developed the remaining harmonies and melodies and pretty soon I had an idea for the pre-chorus and for the chorus. At the same time the song should remain danceable, therefore the "four to the floor" in the verse and in the instrumental part. I hope you will all feel the dance vibe of the song and will party to it all night long!" Without a dance festival to attend to this summer, we're only sorry the song ends after 3 minutes, wishing it would go on forever! A Way To Break Through is out now!

Writer: Alexander Pielsticker | ISRC: NL-C8O-20-00039 "Melodic and rhythmic approach in the production, along with the catchy vocal presence." - EDM Reviewer (US) "Reminds me of Martin Garrix! Nice melodies!" - Pump (UK)

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