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I.ZION 718 to Tha 305

Music has always been an emotional outlet for I-ZION. The lyricist, born Isaiah Villafana has been expressing himself as an art form as early as he can remember,knowing from the start that becoming an artist was the path he was destined to take. “I just wanted to do it all my life,” says I-ZION. “I come from a musical family,my mom is a veteran music marketing executive who oversaw the marketing for artists Bounty Killa, T.I., Lil Wayne & Casanova to name a few, and my stepfather is Joe Fatal whose verse is captured on Main Source classic Hip Hop anthem ‘Live At The BBQ’.

Music was a part of our home and we were lucky to experience meeting legendary artists and being in the studio creating music”. His artistry was destined to entertain crowds and bring joy to diverse audiences.

I-ZION who hails from Brooklyn, New York, is of Panamanian and Trinidadian descent. His musical influences include Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Biggie Smalls,Bounty Killa & Vybz Cartel. Growing up the second eldest of six children, he honed his chops writing poems as a child and taking music lessons. Overcoming immense struggle with a combination of talent and will power, I-ZION is determined to help kids like him escape rough situations. After releasing his debut EP, I VISIONZ which was largely a freestyled reflection on how he was feeling in the studio at the moment he recorded it, his career took flight and this set the foundation for an artist who is not afraid to speak what’s on his mind.

The EP was a testament to his hard work and struggle to establish his place inthe rap game. 2020 VISIONZ PART 2, released April 2020 is his sophomore project, a combination of intellect and musical prowess, establishing him as a force to bereckoned with in music. The project is produced by YellowBeats and Dahvincibeats with features by Zeke Simmons, K-Eazy and Jennessy. The new EP is the second chapter of I-ZION’s redemption story, offering hope to the many fans who see a reflection of themselves in the Brooklynite’s native story.

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