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LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 19, 2020 -- Andrew Joseph Zaragoza, Jr. is used to seeing the world differently. As the man behind the SooperDrew moniker, he has quickly gained a following by combining hypnotic electronic beats with spoken word samples to illuminate the madness of modern times.

His latest work starts with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic before quickly spiraling into a memorable experience unlike anything in the modern music world.

Opening track ‘Covid-19 C’ starts by sampling a voice that has become all too familiar. As the president does battle with the press, an inspired blend of swirling synths propulsive beats set the stage for what is about to come. This followed by ‘The Arrival,’ which introduces the cinematic theme that permeates the album.

While an album inspired by a deadly disease could easily become a grim affair, SooperDrew manages to imbue the darkness with moments of levity and grace.

‘Can’t Get Right With You’ serves as the eye of the hurricane, allowing a lovely female vocal to meander over a gently prodding piano. Andrew doesn’t allow listeners to get too comfortable however, as the next track is titled ‘Found an Alien Throwing Up In My Backyard Yelling For Carmen.’

After addressing everything from global politics to infidelity and mental illness, ‘SooperDrew’ closes on a cathartic note with ‘The Counselor.’ While neither this track nor any other part of the album offers easy answers, Andrew has created a piece of art that encourages audiences to face their anxieties head on. This is the perfect chaotic album for our chaotic times.

"SooperDrew" is available everywhere now at

Instagram: @graphicsbyandrew Facebook: @graphicsbyandrew

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