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XXXTentacion’s Schoolmate, Lil T.O, Looks to Pick up the Musical Reins

Floridian artist Lil T.O is an artist it’s easy to become obsessed with but difficult to define. As likely to tap into the sounds of The Beatles, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry as he is his old schoolmate, XXXTentacion, his sound crosses from West Coast to East and back to the South and his base in Pompano Beach. His latest track is Beautiful – literally.

Lil T.O is a truly intuitive artist, assembling his songs from remnants of others he has heard, taking stock of the world around him and humming a melody, writing and re-writing until he hits gold. Lil Takeover may seem in real life like the kind of guy without a problem in the world but his music is where he shows a more vulnerable side.

“Growing up I know I’ve always been sad and being a guy, you can’t really wear that on your sleeve. Then growing up, I just went through a lot of situations that just ultimately lead to me being where I’m at now... in a dark place. It’s like no matter how hard I try doing good, I’m still the bad guy in every situation and sometimes ignoring the little things don’t help. Dealing with suicidal thoughts and depression, I’d just keep everything to myself and I never knew how to express it better than writing it in music form”

Beautiful, shows a more upbeat side to T.O’s personality, the complications of the American dream…cars and girls, giving birth to a track which has real personality and a pure summer vibe. Having a Haitian mother and growing up in countless different cities across the US growing up has ensured T.O’s sound picks up on music from backgrounds of every colour, culture and class.

Snapchat: @TbTee_Oh

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