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Where ever on earth police brutality and racial profiling become a norm, “Rebellion” and “Militant” should become a duty. During Rebellion's tour in the US, powered by CLP(Conscious Life Production Papis and the crew), these rampant incidences of "black man shoot dead by police" had long gone making the headlines on almost every news outlets.

This gave him the urge to address this crisis in his song. As he already wrote and composed the song with his close friend called “Spit”, a lethal hip-hop beat maker, he felt to keep the trend balanced as he is a reggae and dancehall singer and sing-jay. He needed a very sharp and conscious rapper up for the task. Papis however knew Militant whose name even stroke Rebellion's attention as he said “Militant is a next version of Rebellion.” Papis then directly arranged the meeting. From Seattle to Philadelphia they took the road and the chemistry and connection between the two where just powerful and natural. The resulting single is called “In The Streets” and is a collaboration of Spit Production and Inspired Ones.

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