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Jon Scott to Release Brand-New EP Appealing to the Global Community in the Face of Extreme Prejudice

Celebrated singer and multi-instrumentalist, Jon Scott, is to release a brand-new EP entitled Freedom – A New Jerusalem, his chronicling of the extraordinary times we live in, when the world looks to unite in the face of racial prejudice and social injustice. Led by the title track, it is timed perfectly to capture the current zeitgeist, musically and lyrically inviting people around the world to stand up to divisive politics and to celebrate the good in people, whoever and wherever they are.

Freedom – A New Jerusalem is the new EP from Jon Scott, a crystalisation of his observations of the world as it battles against not only the effects of COVID-19 but also the issues raised by the social issues highlighted by the Black Lives Matters movement. Original inspired in response to Donald Trump’s plans to build a US/Mexican wall, the title track has taken on new meaning for Jon in the wake of the death of George Floyd and further race-fuelled atrocities.

Watch the Stunning Video to Freedom here:

Combining elements of soul, jazz and Afro-pop, Jon Scott is the London-based songwriter and musician who balances his day job as a top lawyer with his own law firm with songs which truly strike the hearts of audiences, taking them on a journey from his childhood on the streets of Lagos in Nigeria through to issues affecting people today, wherever they are. Having moved to England as a young child, Jon has combined the sounds of his homeland, in particular Afrobeat Godfather, Fela Kuti, to merge with his love of classic artists and producers such as Quincey Jones; Michael Jackson; Stevie Wonder and soul, gospel and jazz to create a truly global, immediately accessible sound.

“The inherent prophecy of the “wall theme” then manifested itself in the on-street killing of George Floyd.

Then amazingly, we saw the outpouring of humanity, love and oneness in the BLM demonstrations all over the world. For me, this is a vision of “a new Jerusalem”, a place where all God’s children can stand together as one humanity.

Out of all the craziness, hatred, spite and nastiness, the majority of folk all around the world marched together to stand up for what is blatantly right. It’s a seminal moment, era-defining and world awakening, particularly given the fact that this all occurred in lock down.

In particular, I hope that the video will be a picture chronicle for the world of this amazing uplifting of spirit particularly for the future generations, as a benchmark of what we should be about as all god’s children or if one prefers, children of one creation and of the universe”.

Vocals, guitar and percussion on the track all come courtesy of Jon himself, who is first cousin to musical megastar, Seal. Other instrumentation and co-production duties are shared with Gordon Hulbert.

  1. Freedom – A New Jerusalem

  2. A Beautiful Country

  3. Water is Wet

  4. Ms Suzi Walker 2020

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