Stuart Rolfe and the Daylight Stealers No Gas Lost Roads

September 25, 2020

Stuart Rolfe and the Daylight Stealers, are a well-renowned Country Band, is made up of a talented team of creative musicians. Based in United Kingdom they have a storied history of live performances, musical arrangements, and professional recording sessions. They pride themselves on their technical abilities and musical versatility, breaking boundaries with their unique sound.



About the songs

Quarter Mile

This was about a street racer, who raced his last race and didn’t make it.
The main guts of the story came from the Paul Walker saga.
In the song he crashes badly, and the roll cage fails, leaving him inside the burning wreck, from where he is rescued. He wife is pregnant, but she hasn’t and cannot tell him, as she watches him fade away.
It was also written to relate to other health issues such as terminal illness or a sudden fatal accident.
All have the same endings.
Having beaten leukaemia and lost my mother to cancer I can relate to this on a personal level. Even on the best days it can jolt the memories.

No Gas, Lost Roads

This song was written from a personal experience, the break-up of my marriage, and the uncertainty of what the future held.
I wrote this from a first-person perspective, giving a more intimate feeling and truth. A lot of people can relate to the feelings created during these times.

Could Get Used To This

This song is about life and making it yours.
Having a dream and making that dream come alive regardless of the odds.Creating a bright new future, working in a job or lifestyle that you enjoy.
The basis of the song is a young couple selling everything they own to buy a small holding, living on the land, living free.

Country Boy can survive

Being a country boy, I worked in London and loathed every minute of it.
Concrete jungle, living and working on top of each other, stifling and disconnected. No space to relax and unwind, the city never sleeps. Nowhere to go without being scrutinised by 500,000 people.
The way high rollers work ridiculous hours and carry on partying into the early hours of the morning only to start again a few hours later. Using substances to help them through, this being a norm.
The loss of communication between people and the lack of traditional values and manners. You can’t ask the time and a guy won’t open a door for a girl, as it’s the modern way. Or he thinks it’s not his place too.
A country boy can survive and reset once he returns to his roots.

Credits for Stuart Rolfe and The Daylight Stealers

Recorded at Puzzle Maker Studios, Bristol.
Produced by Andrea Succi and Danny McMahon.
Mixed by Andrea Succi at Puzzle Maker Studios. Mastered by Alex Balzama at Swift Mastering.
All songs written by Stuart Rolfe (C&P)
Vocal and Acoustic guitar – Stuart Rolfe
Drums and Percussion - Robin Alexander
Bass - Tyler Spicer
Acoustic Guitars - Danny McMahon
Electric Guitars - Cristiano Pochesci and Danny McMahon
Pedal Steel Guitar - Kevan Bartholomew
Piano, Organ and Strings - Harry Cook
Backing Vocals - Danny McMahon


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