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MeMe Detroit Returns with Defiant Rock Statement!

Though impossible to pigeonhole musically, there can be no denying that MeMe Detroit knows about rock and their new single is their most definitely strident release so far, Mean Rock n Roller. Written as an anthem to anyone who feels pressured into conforming to a societal ideal, Mean Rock n Roller is pure MeMe Detroit, led by a woman who is always willing to be herself, despite others’ opinions and who encourages audiences to express their true selves.

"MeMe Detroit bridges the gaps between grunge, indie and Blues rock..." Louder than War

"This is the kind of person you get jealous of because they're an incredibly talented singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer..." Janice Long - BBC Radio

"Great voice" - Johnny Doom

"MeMe Is My Kinda Artist, everything is possible, we create our own reality, phenominal talent, listen out for MeMe on #thequitegreatradioshow soon" -

JJ Kane - Global Radio Personality and musical whore !

Self-described as ‘Uplifting Angst’, British/Colombian MeMe Detroit is a high-octane breath of vivacity with an unforgettable live show that has pure passion for music at its heart. Sitting somewhere between sleazy-grit-rock-grunge and power-indie, the band consists of a multitasking MeMe on vocals, guitars, bass and synth and Kallum McEwen on drums. With over 200 gigs under MeMe's belt, they have become known for their furiously engaging, fully immersive shows but even away from the live scene, they can always be relied upon to set the turbo-powered cat among the pigeons. Championed by BBC Introducing as well as landing regular airtime on Kerrang! Radio, Janice Long's show on BBC Radio Wales and being picked for Fresh on the Net's 'Fresh Faves', MeMe is fast gaining traction on the UK music scene and beyond.

MeMe Detroit is currently rallying its army of fans to help to put together a suitably riotous video for Mean Rock n Roller whilst they’re keep them energised with a constant supply of much-needed fresh grimy rock via exclusive live streams on their social media.

“Mean Rock N Roller is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek song that we had written as a bit of fun but at the same time says “fuck you” to the limiting beliefs that are pressed on us by society as we grow up. You can basically be, do or have anything you want in life when you put your mind to it, so never settle. It’s pointless”. JJ Kane fully agrees!

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