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T3N (Pronounced “10”) Day & Night Release: 12 November 2020

The record has synths and funky bass riffs reminiscent of old soul & disco music; coupled with upbeat drums pushing the track in a more familiar direction of modern pop`s danceability. All of which is complimented by an infectious hook and catchy song writing to create a record that as refreshing and new as it is nostalgic.

The record Day & Night is a collaboration between T3N and a few different people. The instrumental is produced by Daisuke"D.I"Imai a Japanese Award Winning Producer who`s produced more than 300 songs for over 50 major artists since 2000, achieved 9 gold & 3 platinum discs in Japan. Meanwhile the song was mixed by Oscar Rai Lama a guitarist for Kapitol Music (a Chilean Band). The song`s is an honest expression of the process of building up the courage to confess to an unrequited love creating a relatable experience that listeners can not only identify with but also enjoy and move to.

Influences for the track : Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars Artist biography : T3N grew up East London where he was first introduced to music in secondary school, then moving to Nottinghamwhere he picked up music seriously at 16 years old after the suggestion of a few friends to try and actually make use of his singing voice. Since then he`s been writing and recording his own music from home particularly crafting sounds in the ilk of his inspirations such as Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars & The Weeknd. Artist Website – Artist Socials -

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