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As the Nation Looks to Recover from the Pandemic, Killing Kenny Releases Uplifting Anthem

After a year that has seen the world change forever in a way no-one could have ever envisaged, Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Killing Kenny is to release a suitably poignant and uplifting anthem. We Stand Together both reflects on the hurt and devastation of COVID-19 and looks to the future with hope, celebrating the kindness and dedication of people who have helped those who have been directly affected, whether that be by loss of a loved one, loneliness or being apart from your friends and family. Taken from his forthcoming debut album, Exactly Different, to be released on 26th March, We Stand Together shows Killing Kenny as a songwriter who combines classic rock and pop melodies with powerful lyrics which have a universal truth that really resonates.

"Killing Kenny certainly showcases he’s an artist that means business" - New Noise

"Creating an album that will inspire others to never give up on their ambitions" -The Sunday Post

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“This tune was written as a song of hope following an unprecedented chapter in everyone's lives, dealing with the fallout from a Global Pandemic. The sentiment is one of appreciating your family, loved ones and friends and things in daily life that you took for granted as "normal". It is a hope that as a mark of respect for those who lost their lives, that we try to focus on what is really important to us, try and be nicer to one another and be thankful for all that we have each day”.

Killing Kenny (Glasgow-based Ken Sunter) has gone where few fear to tread – some thirty years after giving up on his dreams of being a rock star, he has returned to the studio, determined to make good on his commitment to releasing the music that has lived within him all this time. Documenting his return to music in a series of YouTube videos that have more twists than your average soap opera, he has caught the attention of legendary Scottish producer, John McLaughlin releasing his first single, These Streets, a stunning, Springsteen-Esque rock song which brought him to national attention, including The Sunday Post. Follow-ups, Soul Find a Way, showed his skill at handling a heartfelt ballad with truly poignant lyrics, whilst 4th of July went deep into Nashville, showing that Country is an equally good platform for his storytelling style.

Ken Sunter joined a succession of bands from the early 80s to the late 90s, changing style but never losing his passion for writing songs, whether in his own band or for others. Then, as with so many artists…life began to get in the way. A successful career, a million miles away from the glamour of rock n roll, beckoned and years passed but his love of writing songs never left him but remained untapped.

When Ken Sunter saw an opportunity to pick up a life in music that he feared had gone forever, he took it with both hands. However, he wanted to do more than simply release the music he has dedicated himself to writing for over thirty years – he wanted to tell the whole story of his journey, from his first tentative steps to catching the attention of ace Scottish music producer John McLaughlin, who has previously written and produced global megastars such as Sir Rod Stewart, Westlife and Busted and who has hailed Ken has an artist who has everything it takes to become a huge star himself. His journey is documented on an ongoing series of insightful videos on his YouTube channel and is a fascinating glimpse at the real world of an artist looking to make his mark.

Watch the Video for These Streets by Killing Kenny here:

“It feels strange at the age of 53 to be talking about a debut album, however, this collection of songs entitled "Exactly Different" is "exactly" that. A collection of 9 original songs each designed to reflect a style of music and drawn from a period in my life from the age of 13, when I first started playing music, to today. I do look forward to hearing from you and naturally also look forward to seeing you all at Wembley stadium in the near future! Well, we can dream, can’t we?”


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