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Aurelia Dey Reclaims Stereotypes and Celebrates Identity on her new release MisFits"

The cultural celebration has a new name in dancehall and afrobeat queen Aurelia Dey as she champions a pro-black, pro-equality message. Unafraid to call out injustice with her chest, Dey challenges afrophobic and ignorant attitudes shoulder to shoulder with the unapologetically fierce Kanyi Mavi and Veronica Odetunde on the single Misfit – due for release 10/12/21.

On Misfits, audiences see three powerful women comfortable in their identity – both racially and in terms of mental health – proving that those fighting their inner battles are still every bit as powerful as society’s strongest characters. Bringing her Ghanian and Swedish heritage to the forefront, Dey acknowledges the toll prejudice has taken on her state of mind and uses her resilience to it to inspire others in similar situations.

A chill afrobeat scores the artists’ vocals as they glide between silky R&B stylings, pointed raps, and out and outspoken words. Dey reclaims a weighted stereotype with her lyrics –

“Angry, black woman. I am rather an angry black woman. The problem up bringer, the one that points to the elephant in the room, the one that cuts through the thick air.”, (Veronica Odetunde) taking agency of a label once thrust upon her, now a proud banner.

These themes run rich in Dey’s work. Expressing herself through dance, music, acting, and dialogue, Dey is always looking for new ways to communicate her message. Never one to lay low, the artist launched the multimedia experience ‘Sunday Service’. Part concert, part web series, part cultural talks, Sunday Service brings together heavy bass, decisive rap, spiritual soul singing, and energetic dance with a sense of community, comfort, strength and belonging.

“We are basically talking about our thoughts and opinions, based on our own experiences, without prestige. We’re creating a safe room that enables us to talk and think freely and discuss mental health”

Whether through her live shows accompanied by dancers and live band The Neighbors, her Spotify and IGTV talks with figures including lecturer Salem Yohannes, and cultural profiles Segal Mohamed and Amanda Pombe, and the upcoming album co-produced with Portillo Productions, Lancelot Productions, and Carl Ottosson, Aurelia Dey and her ‘Sunday Service’ brand invite audiences to reflect and find comfort in their identities.

Photo Credit: Nadim Elazzeh


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