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EUROVISION; Giudi - CZECH REP Finalist UK Mgmt/Label & Cowriter

Czech National TV - have announced Giudi in the finals of Czech Eurovision 2022 Giudi - Jezinky

Česká televise have announced the Alt Pop artist Giudi and her song Jezinky are in the Finals of Czech Eurovision contested to represent the Czech Republic in Turin in May 2022, voting will take place 7th-15th December and the winner announced on the 16th December. Giudi, signed to UK management company Minimal Surface company, has been installed by the bookies as a surprise favourite with the internet going into a frenzy with many suggesting it could go all the way in Turin in the Eurovision Final 2022 in May. The hypnotic Art Pop song which flies against traditional convention by being sung acapella is fast becoming a symbol of the underdog. People around the whole world can vote for Giudi to represent the Czech Republic here "In a world of spells, in a world of magic" Atmospheric music with a touch of spirituality, this is how the work of the Alt-Pop artist Giudi could best be described, often collaborating with people from the diverse worlds of Classical to Hyperpop. Her distinctive voice and creative style have made her known across the world always ready to surprise people, each new song coming with its own story and strong identity. With her new single - Jezinky, Giudi decided to take her unique presence onto the stage of Eurovision 2022 by representing the Czech Republic, bringing her modern vision and a touch of Czech mythology to the contest. In a change to her more usual electronic style, the single is special by being sung acapella, with only vocals and no musical instruments. This approach not only presents evocative imagery but also an honest and intimate experience. Not only that the song uses not only English but includes Czech and Latin! Giudi: “We are in an energy-intensive period. Now it's all about the heart, vulnerability, the emergence of fears and unprocessed things from the past. Jezinky is a wild woman from the Bohemian forest. They are mythical creatures that seduce people to get lost with them in the woods. For me, the Jezinky are a metaphor for our fears that control us and are deeply rooted in our nature and survival instinct. But each of us can name our fears and learn how to work with them so that they do not control us. It's like a path to the light." In the music video, Giudi, as one of Jezinky, invites viewers to her forest of magic to come and play a game with her. It consists in going deep into our imagination, into our inner self, our truth, where we can process various emotions and traumas. Giudi's post-apocalyptic outfit was created by sustainable brand Overall Office, recycling her husband's wedding suit. "Transforming things from the past to help us in the future" ..." and to be sure he never uses again," says Giudi (laughing). Her long time creative partner, JaCobra, (creator of New Aliens Agency which provided casting) directed the Music Video. Frequently referred to as" the Czech Grimes", Giudi is an artist who blends music with fashion and art, working with some of the coolest names in fashion and multimedia worldwide, recent collaborations have included with the artists from Italy HYDRA, Veeeky from China and the X-Dress project from Los Angeles. Her music is already played on the radio in over 60 countries and currently working on her debut album, she has been picked to perform at Eurosonic Music Festival 2022 in the Netherlands in January.


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