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Harlem Dance Club,Back To Love

I was born and raised in Haarlem (a big city near Amsterdam - after which Harlem in New York was named), hence the name “the Harlem Dance Club”.

I grew up in the disco area with all the fabulous disco tracks, and later on, the house scene. That's is why you can still hear a bit of disco and house influences in my music :)I don’t stick to just one style of music, it all depends on my mood when I start to produce a new track.

In the early 70s I started DJingj, In the 80s when mixing the records, was introduced I started mixing tracks.

In late 2017 I met a few people who were working as a DJ and producing music, so I got inspired to start again producing music. This resulted in already more than 20 tracks released by several labels all around the world.

My mixes of 30 minutes are being played on several radio stations.

Since November 2020 started presenting my own radio programme (2 hours) on, where I can play old and new disco tracks and of course my own tracks.


Instagram: theharlemdanceclub


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