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JASE Weekend


RELEASE DATE: 04/02/2021

JASE aka Jason Reubens was born and Raised in Damme, Belgium. He started DJing and producing at the age of 15. After days, months and years of hard work on the scene, his first release was at the age of 17 with (The Golden Age) and now at 25, he plays at some of the best dance clubs and pubs of Flanders and a lot of summer party's like Nacht van Beernem, Pintjesbal, , Stoppelparty, and so on. He is known for his Djing skills and his energetic mix of all kinds of music. Not just club and festival tracks, he plays an all-round set from classics to '90s, from RnB to EDM, retro to hardstyle,.... No hits singles yet but you better watch out for this young talent because his tunes are about to be "Unbreakable". After a couple of releases, he brings his newest Dance Track "Weekend" for everyone who wants to dance.



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