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Jimmy Tadros "Weatherman"

Born and lived in war-torn Beirut, where he spent his childhood between skate hitching, playing on the conflicting sides of the capital city streets and sleeping in makeshift shelters in building basements. It wasn’t until he turned 17 that he formed a pop-rock band ‘May-Day’ with three of his high school buddies and recorded their first single ‘cold welcome’ which gained some recognition on local FM stations.

The whole experience of the war which was constantly in flux created the perfect backdrop to write and compose songs especially in candlelit spaces using a battery-operated portable Casio synthesizer while the sound of heavy fighting can be heard all around. During his college years whilst he was studying architecture he joined a local rock group ‘Exceed’ where he participated in many live performances at the West Hall Auditorium, some of which was philanthropic in nature to support the college fund of the American University of Beirut.

After graduation, he played a couple of gigs then travelled to Dubai where he landed a job with a design firm and left the music industry behind. Corporate life wasn’t kind as it was a continuous effort of moving around and changing jobs and this experience made him come back where he felt most comfortable and that is behind the piano. Covid-19 lockdown made him re-examine his life looking back at the happiest moments. He finally concluded what everyone has been preaching that only by following your passion one can be happy.


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