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New release: Talkbøx - People People People (single)

Talkbøx creates a unique type of music fusing electronic music with retro acoustic elements.

Talkbøx (est. 2019) consists of producer/beatmaker Dion Peters (Dion Dash), Dana Havrylyuk and guitarist/writer Mitchell Giebels. Both of these guys and girl have their history in music: Dion having experience working as an electronic music producer and DJ for nearly 10 years and Mitchell being a professional photographer who has worked with some of the greatest musicians to have faced the earth. Dana is currently a student at the Maastricht Conservatory in the Netherlands. The music style of Talkbøx positively resembles the 80s in the western world and is usually quite happy and cheerful. Talkbøx about new single People People People: "At the end of June 2020, we started writing People People People. It was on a summer evening where we actually had no intention of writing music. After we had swum that night, we got inspired to create music in the studio. Mitchell had brought his guitar that night just in case and played some chords to which Dion started whistling. This is how the cheerful flute part in the song originated. We got so enthusiastic about how quickly we came up with this cheerful melody that we wrote the lyrics that same evening. We didn't do anything with the song for a while until Dana joined, she sang the lyrics. The lyrics are based on personal experiences of depression, which is actually the opposite of the song's cheerfulness. This contradiction can be found in the lyrics as well: wanting to be in the spotlight and going for it all, but feeling depressed at the same time. Being in your own world and running away from reality. Crying for help, but not feeling understood by your loved ones. Enjoying the company of others, but still battling with that contradiction because you'd rather retreat yourself." The previous single "Reach Out" got airplay on radio in the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Belgium, USA and UK People People People is out now on BERT music (a division of TCBYML)

Composer: Mitchell Giebels, Dion Peters, Dana Havrylyuk ISRC: NL-C8O-21-00007


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