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Raymouton Donnyriggs

Raymouton Is an alternative R&B singer. Music has always been a way to escape the dark corners of life. Raymouton wanted to write music to pass on too other artists.

The artist came out with his first accidental hit my last note which speaks on a very sensitive topic. He would soon come out with a follow-up project which didn't do so well.

The project feature 7 tracks called Aquarius of May 2019 and would also drop a deluxe version. Fast forward Ray mouton's sound got better.

With the release of Black diamonds that would gain Radio and streaming traction and gained 40,445 views. Dead Roses has also gained 450k streams in 2 days on SoundCloud. His upcoming project Time flies by is set to release and will feature five guest verses. With the smash hit black diamonds and DeadRoses on the 23rd.

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