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Berlin-based singer-songwriter Tóke releases his new single “I Don’t Know” on February 12, 2021, as the first impression from his forthcoming EP “The Art Of Letting Go”.

The exciting absurdity of the morning after. Where does this way go? Where does the journey go? What does it mean? Tóke reflects on these feelings, very well known to millennials in times of Tinder and OK Cupid. The feeling of in-between; between the urgent wish of a deep connection and the passionate urge for autonomy.

The visual for this single (directed by Alex Kleis & Tóke) plays with this feeling: a romantic-bemused road-trip of two persons with a feeling between excitement and caution about the question where this journey would lead.

Musically the song fuses a warm bossa-nova guitar with a soul hip-hop beat, while Tóke flows on the beat in a sensible and funny way.


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