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The Boy From SpaceSuper Synthetic Computer PopNub MusicRelease: 12 February 2021



The Boy From Space landed in a pub in Salisbury. Brothers Marshall Ward and Frant realised no one was going to record the music they wanted to hear.

Their first recordings were funded from the winnings of a local pub Pop Quiz!

The first album – ‘London Paris Tokyo Space’ was produced by legendary English producer Fran Ashcroft (Damon Albarn, Dandy Warhols).

They contributed two tracks to a Sell Out EP released on Bracken Records – one of the tracks ‘Wouldn’t You Rather Be A Winner’ got played a number of times on Radio 1’s Huw Stevens show -

“A track we should listen to before every show on Radio 1…Brilliant” Huw Stevens

Linking up with film director Hunter Weeks got their track ‘Come Home’ on adverts for Quiznos & signed to Sunset Records in New York. ‘London Paris Tokyo Space’ was distributed by Geffen/Interscope in 2010.

In 2014 one of their tracks “Our Shop’ appeared on a Durex advert and their 1st Christmas single 'Come Home (for Christmas)' was released on the Nub Music Christmas compilation LP.

2015 was the year of the 'I Don't Want To Go To Work EP' which received tons of global airplay They also had 2 tracks included on the Guinness Book Of Records record-breaking '100X30' Album by The Pocket Gods and Friends. It featured 100, 30-second songs to highlight the lack of revenue flow from streaming sites to the artist and featured in Billboard, the National Press and TV news!

2017 was even more exciting with the release of the 'Macaque Attack/Bring It Back EP', an electro sea shanty collaboration and a new Shakespeare inspired 30-second song album.

2018 brought the Rage Against The Brexit Machine album featuring the band's first Ska track - The Biggest Loser and the second single from the I Was Cured Alright album - 'Meetings'.

2020 saw the band team up with Pete Brown (global number One producer with Sam Brown's 'Stop') with their 'Pothole In The City' single from the forthcoming Super Synthetic Computer Pop album.

They enjoyed radio play from BBC6 Music from their last album thanks to Tom Robinson.

This is the music that everybody needs to have pumped into their brains so they can at least say they listened to something different once in their dull grey lives." Aled Jones – Glasswerk


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