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Joji (George Miller) once known for his controversial videos on his YouTube channel "Filthy Frank" has finally decided to leave his career in comedy and pursue his long anticipated music career.

The "In Tongues" EP feels very familiar for fans of Joji's previous work, such as "Thom" from "Chloe Burbank Vol 1" witch was uploaded to Sound Cloud on October 8, 2015.

In Tongues keeps that same ambient/Lofi/R&B and even hip hop feel going.

No matter what genre you prefer to listen to, "In tongues" most likely has a track that you will enjoy and or relate to; from "Will he" That has a very sad and depressing Lofi feel, to "Bitter F*ck" that has more of an acoustic feel to it.

Regardless, it's definitely worth a listen if you are searching for something new and fresh.

The only real con I personally have with this EP is that its only 5 tracks and an interlude, and would of liked to hear a little bit more of what Joji had to offer.

Having said that it's a great start to his new journey in music production and will be looking forward to what's to come.

Download/stream on iTunes and Spotify:


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