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Art Without Ego - Alan Dweck Reimages Classic Single "Melting Icicles"

Alan Dweck breathes new life into his beloved track Melting Icicles from the 2019 album Entangled Moments. Fully remixed, remastered, and reimaged, the Melting Icicles single brings the best of 60s and 70s prog-rock into the 21st Century, along with a host of influences spanning soul, funk, jazz, blues, world music, and classical.

The song opts for a stripped-back production, ditching bells and whistles for the sentimentality of Dweck’s powerful vocals and simple yet effective instrumentation. A thin sonic texture allows all elements of the track to shine. A haunting piano paves the way for sentimental strings, technically masterful guitar, and Alan’s richly emotional delivery.

“I wrote this song just after arriving in Singapore, probably one of the fastest songs I have ever written. Surrounded on all sides by a new and different culture, I felt a long way from home and somehow the idea, words, chords, and structure just fell out. It was all I could do to get it all down on paper.”

The single’s accompanying video embodies Alan’s principles in art – substance over ego. A series of animated abstractions ebb and flow with the song’s swells and breaths as paintbrush strokes progress a dynamic pastel colour palette. Absent from the video is Dweck himself who has no interest in celebrity or fame. The result is a marriage of audio and visuals only concerned with curating an inviting and promising mood, with a stellar single to match.

Melting Icicles follows the success of Alan’s other remaster from the same album, Before, which saw critical and fan acclaim. Racking up over 142,000 streams since its release earlier this year, the single was described as “simple, elegant, and powerful” (Fingertips Music) and like Melting Icicles, is accompanied by a masterfully rendered animated video.

Dweck’s ‘tribute to some of the great blues and soul songs of the past’, invites listeners into the well-travelled life of the artist - unearthing deep and incredibly personal emotion in a way that audiences cannot resist resonating with. Poignant lyrics dance across introspective instrumentals, framing the piece in such a way that allows listeners to form their own images and associations with the work.

Audiences can look forward to streaming the Melting Icicles Remaster on all digital platforms on 03/12/21.


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