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Jenn Connor - "Like I Did" REVIEW

Let me just start out by saying... wow, this girl has got some lungs!

For a small underground artist like Jenn Connor her production value sounds incredible... I found myself in a trance like state when I first listened to "Like I did"... The vocals, Bass line and cloudy kinda feel to it just blended perfectly!

I can seriously see this being big one day (Mainstream radio play, Big artists remixing it, ect.) it's honestly great.

If you enjoy and songs with stories embedded in them this songs definitely delivers some great lyrical storytelling.

My understanding of the lyrics is about an Ex who still has feelings for whos his recently ended relationship, and Jenn's charter in the song is trying let him know that it's over and to stop trying to fix things because she already moved on. "Try to get over it, Like I did"

All in all "Like I Did" but Jenn Connor is a truly underrated track that deserves a lot more attention!


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