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New Album Coming - Plunky & Oneness

"I am busy putting the finishing touches on our next album, Plunky & Oneness - Love Makes Us Better, 12 – 14 new songs: some jazzy, some funky, some serious, some whimsical; but all very personal and sincere. With this new album I create a playlist that zigzags across smooth jazz, Afro-funk and soul.But that’s what Plunky & Oneness is all about: navigating the inner workings of Afro-American music and charting new grooves.

Our music is and has always been eclectic. I view eclecticism as a path to freedom. The new CD album heads down that path beginning on its official release date of June 1,2018. For those too eager to wait, a four-song preview EP will arrive in time for a pre-release party on March 3rd at the Capital Ale House Concert Hall, 523 East Main Street in Downtown Richmond, VA. Hit me up and I'll send you a sample... "

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