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DrOptimiser - Tremor

Neil Garrett's (DrOptimiser's) Tremor album, has a vast variety of instrumentals, all seeming to take on different genres then the previous tracks.

For instance the first track on the album "Dark Side in Tremor" takes a more classical, electrictronic feel... and a later track "Nigel's Gone Dancing" has a EDM/Dubstep/DnB feel to it.

Listening to this two tracks alone really show you Dr Optimisers talent and capability to produce multiple genres, which a lot of people tend to struggle in doing.

"What if"... my personal favorite track felt really nostalgic to me and made me reflect on childhood memories... in fact it had a similar effect on me as Home - Resonance

All in all I think this album has amazing potential for Film/Tv projects with its captivating instrumentals that are at a extremely high production standard and will definitely like to see more from Dr Optimiser!




Bandcamp: Soundcloud: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: @DrOptimiser

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