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image credit: alexis gerred

Following the release of lead single 'Sweet Angel', West End actor Alexis Gerred is appealing to fans and music lovers combined to cover some of the costs of producing and releasing his debut record; one full of songs he has penned over the course of his packed career.

Starring in West End musicals Our House, American Idiot and Dreamboats & Petticoats as well as reaching the live semi-finals of BBC1's Let It Shine, Gerred's talents need no introduction. His debut contains an emotional amalgamation of pop/rock songs taking influence from The Goo Goo Dolls to Queen to Michael Jackson.

Gerrard is a modest individual with so much emotion and aptitude to give, excitedly wanting to 'show everyone who [he is] as an individual, rather than the part or role [he's] playing.' He also wishes to reflect on his role as a father, and how his parent's raised him.

Offering songs like 'Sweet Angel' as sentimental ballads that all listeners can relate to, Gerrard wears his heart on his sleeve and it's not hard to see how the rest of his debut is going to emote similar sentiments. Ten songs have been written - and two have been recorded - Gerrard aims to raise £4,500 through his crowdfunding appeal on Indiegogo (link below), with all pledges going directly to the fee's intertwined with associated costs in producing an album.

You can listen to Gerrard's first single below. His second single, 'Hold You Close', will be available later in the crowdfunding campaign.

Please support Alexis here, he deserves it.

Twitter: @alexisgerred

Facebook: @alexisgerredsinger


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